Sonics Lunchtime

2012-11-04 00:50:59 by Tokugoru

My friend Frobman and I created a silly work of genius. Hopefully people enjoy it.

Sonics Lunchtime

Toon Train Collab!

2012-05-12 18:13:43 by Tokugoru

Go check it out, guys! I did a little bit of voice acting in it and some other very small things. It was a labor of love for the main animators and if you watch it, they and I will love you. <3

Sonic Shorts Volume VI

2010-04-01 22:30:52 by Tokugoru




2009-09-14 12:34:53 by Tokugoru

I voiced the "Evil Voice" in the Knuckles Briefs.


The collab got cancelled.


I'm in a collab!

2009-06-10 01:19:41 by Tokugoru

I am officially in the Acapella Music Collab! WOOHOO!!

I'll make sure to update regularly.


2009-06-04 01:20:40 by Tokugoru

S'up guys! It's been awhile. I doubt anyone will read this, BUT who cares. I'm bored.

So, I've been working with members at Sonic Paradox on a lot of different things. Even though I'm bored, I'm lazy. I ain't gonna mention what stuff I've been involved in. I will say I may be a part of the final Sonic Shorts Volume though as a voice actor.

Hopefully, I'll get some music up at some point.

And I'm done. Bye!

Hey, y'all!

2009-01-06 13:50:49 by Tokugoru

Hey guys! How was everyone's Christmas/New Years? Mine was great! I thought I'd bring you all an update from my world.

So, Tactical Directive came out about a week or so ago. Big hit. Pt. 1 got 2nd place and Pt. 2 got 4th! Go check it out, everyone!

I am currently working with many different people for many different things. I'm a script writer for one guy and I'm gonna be (potentially) a voice actor again for a couple other people.

So, there's the quick update! Have a good day!

Howdy guys!

2008-11-13 00:53:22 by Tokugoru

How's everyone doing? Just wanted to let y'all know my voice has been featured in a trailer for a guy named Bloodsucker150. Check it out! I'm also doing two roles for a friend of mine. He's making an epic series called "Tactical Directive". I'll try to update when I can!